Medical equipment supply

Hobi Company supplies medical equipment.

We supply disposable supplies such as mask, nitrile gloves, as well as medical equipment.

Medical exam agency

Hobi Company’s medical exam agency service is a service providing customized
medical exam through corporate healthcare and municipal healthcare consulting.

Foreign patient attraction

Hobi Company provides foreign patient attraction service.

We will do our very best to provide the best care for the patients.

Hobi Company is…

Hobi Company Co., Ltd. is a service provider of medical consulting and medical exam agency, which connects the customers to complex and difficult medical services with ease of mind.

With lower price and customized medical service, Hobi strives to promote public health.

One-Stop medical service

Hobi Company supplies medical equipment, device, consumables, etc. to hospitals and medical centers.

In addition, Hobi provides foreign patient attraction and medical exam agency services.

  • Medical consumables

  • Medical equipment

  • medical equipment

  • Foreign patient attraction

  • Medical Exam

As well as medical service, Hobi Company provides in-house online marketing.

Promotion team of Hobi Company is comprised of experts in every field. Team members provide various online marketing services
including high quality promotion video production, YouTube channel management, blog marketing, SNS advertisement, website production, etc.