Medical consumables

Hobi Company has various equipment and consumables. With 10 years of experience and expertise, Hobi thinks from the customer's perspective.

With a reasonable price and thorough follow-up management system, Hobi Company puts customer satisfaction at its top priority,
and will continue to strive to improve public health.

  • Anti-virus work clothes

    Protective clothes + overshoes set

    Protective clothes made of virus-protection material

    It emits internal heat and moisture, and protects from external virus, moisture and oil which offers comfortable wear compared to other protective dear.



    It is made of synthetic rubber material, and it offer excellent fire resistance and tear-resistant. It does not powder and there offers comfortable wear excellent grip.

  • Disposable bed and pillow cover

    Special waterproofing coating material

    It is a waterproof cover for daily living and medical mattress, and is disposable bed and pillow cover with excellent tensile strength.