Foreign patient attraction

Hobi Company provides foreign patient attraction service.

Hobi will provide the best patient care service.

  • Medial tourism concierge management overview

    ·Qualifier : medical center and agency registered for foreign patient attraction business in Busan

    ·Target : foreign patient disembarking through Incheon and Gimhae internal airports (regardless of nationality)

    ·Managing agency : appointed agency

    ·Provided service :

    - Arriving patient greeting, pick and transit service

    - Transit service between Incheon↔Gimpo airports and Seoul Station, foreign patient transfer service between Gimhae airport↔medical service provider

    - Necessary equipment purchasing service such as mobile phone, Wifi, internet hotspot, and English translation service

    - In-car tablet PC and Wifi service, etc.

    Service request procedure

  • 1Application agency

    Service request (email, fax)

  • 2Managing agency

    Registration confirmation

  • 3Managing agency

    Vehicle and service provider dispatch

  • 4Visitor

    Vehicle and service provider dispatch

  • 5Medical service provider

    Medical certificate, receipt submit


·In principle, submit application within 3 days of departure/arrival date

·Application is per same flight. Application should be filled out per visiting medical service provider.

 - i.e. For passengers of KR386 visiting different clinics, each should submit his/her own application

 - i.e. For 10 passengers of KR386 visiting same clinic, submit 1 application

·Provides arrival and departure service for Incheon Airport

·Submitting supplementary document of visiting clinic is required