Medical equipment

Hobi Company has various equipment and consumables. With 10 years of experience and expertise, Hobi thinks from the customer's perspective.

With a reasonable price and thorough follow-up management system, Hobi Company puts customer satisfaction at its top priority, and will continue to strive to improve public health.


    High frequency thermal treatment equipment

    Medical equipment for cancer treatment using high frequency heat

    It is being supplied to cancer centers and nursing facilities.

  • PIEZO Di-2

    Shock wave frequency 15Hz

    External shock wave with precision focusing 2 probe operation options using PIEZOELECTRIC cells (additional probe option)

  • Curaco Care Bidet

    Curaco Care Bidet

    'Automated excretion care system' without paper diaper that automatically handles excretion of patient who has difficulty in mobility, elderly, with disability, and bedridden patient